Monday, 29 December 2014

Fairness Beauty Tips

Fairness beauty tips will help you in getting fair complexion and many fairness beauty tips consist of making use of fruits and vegetables.

Girls are more conscious of getting fair skin and find means to get fairer complexion. Some of them use cleansers, scrubs, masks and other products to get fair skin. Those who use honey for this purpose get a lot of benefits. Honey contains many beneficial vitamins and enzymes that will give you fair skin. Some other easy methods of getting fair skin are mentioned here.

Fairness beauty tips suggest making use of papaya. Papaya is famous to get fair skin with single tone. It has other benefits of healing and repairing skin. It removed dead cells of skin so that kin looks fresh and fair. Women who want to eliminate premature aging effect must apply papaya. Papaya can be used by cutting and grinding to make pulp. This pure pulp must be applied on face and massage gently. Let the pulp remain on your face for about 10 minutes and wash with cold water. It is a simple and useful face mask that will give natural fairness.

Other fairness beauty tips suggest use of lemon juice. It is believed that lemon juice contains Vitamin C that can help in getting fair skin. You can prepare a mixture of lemon juice, honey and rose water.Gram flour is another natural ingredient that can be mixed with lemon juice and used as a face mask. Make a mixture of these two things and apply on face and remove when it is dried. This face mask can also help you in getting rid of black heads. Tomatoes are supposed to contain natural bleaching elements. You can take tomato puree and apply it to face once a day. This face mask will give you glowing and fair skin. Fairness beauty tips with tomatoes have been tested and proved useful for all skin types. You can make this mask by cutting and grating tomatoes. Now apply it on face and rub gently. The tomato puree must be used immediately after tomatoes have been grated otherwise the bleaching ability will not remain effective. Potatoes are also an important vegetable that can be used for getting fair skin. You can apply raw potato to cure tan skin as it contain bleaching agent. You can take a potato and cut it into slices and rub on the skin. You must use it daily to see batter results. You can also take strawberries to and blend them. Now apply the paste on your face and massage gently. Remove it after 10-15 minutes.

All these fairness beauty tips are simple and easy to follow and you can get these natural ingredients at home without any hassle. In addition to this, you can also eat raw vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of water and fresh juices for a fair skin.Short hairstyles 2015

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Short hairstyles 2013

Short hairstyles 2013 have a more risqué and edgier essence. But short hairstyles will truly compliment almost any hair structure and facial shape and will be flattering for every girl. Short hairstyles have a beautiful allure but also have a gamine look at the same time. These hairstyles speak well for the new changes and style consciousness of the wearer. 
Micro crops are one of the most fashionable hairstyles that will provide you with a lot of latest hair sculpting options.  A micro crop will endow your face and will highlight your good facial features. It will really be an attention-getter and will make you stand out from the crowd due to chic and sophisticated hairstyle. 
Short hairstyles 2013 - Short haircuts 2013
A micro crop is best for fine hair as it provides the strands with added boost and thickness in addition to giving the hair plenty of movement. Short choppy and medium hairstyles are also high fashionable hairstyles. These stylish hairstyles breathe new life into thin hair but these are also good for slightly thicker hair. 
Short hairstyles 2013 - Short haircuts 2013
Choppy layers add a new and very contemporary dimension to short hair providing the hairstyle a punk-like vibe. Choppy layered haircut also gives a lot of movement to the hair resulting in a very minimal use of hair products and making it very easy to maintain and set. Short angled bob hairstyle is also very popular short hairstyles 2013. 
Short hairstyles 2013 - Short haircuts 2013
This hairstyle needs very low maintenance but it is ultra flattering hairstyle and suits to almost all facial shapes and hair types.This hairstyle is also known as stacked bob hairstyle. It is very sassy and modern hairstyle from all bob hairstyles. Short hairstyles 2013 are some of the most suitable hairstyles for Asian girls as they suit best to their hair type. 
Short hairstyles 2013 - Short haircuts 2013
Short hair adds volume to naturally straight hair especially when it is endowed with layers and choppy angled haircut. Short hairstyles 2013 also prominent the distinctive features of Asian girls. Two most popular short hairstyles are pixie and short bob hairstyles. Pixie haircut is very famous with Korean girls. 
Short hairstyles 2013 - Short haircuts 2013
It consists of long layers from front side and then reaches the chin and slightly longer severely angled. This hairstyle requires very less maintenance and can be styled in a well manner. After using shampoo, dry hair with the help of blow dryer and leave it, no more styling products are required.